Thursday, June 19, 2008

We'll come between 8AM and 5PM...

Come on! What is with these companies that can't narrow down their projected window of arrival? That's like saying "Our road crews can't predict if it'll take 5 minutes or 8 hours to walk in and look at your furnace and give it an OK. So- just hang in your house ALL day cooped up with your children, ok?"

So- what it means for me is that it's 3:10.
We're out of milk.
We have Tball practice at 5:30.
If I leave to go get milk now (which might take 20 minutes), the furnace people will come, say that I wasn't home, and bill us for it anyway.
I suppose waiting 7 hours and 14 minutes for them today already isn't enough.

Isn't that how it works? :)

So, when exactly am I supposed to leave to go get milk, get back, start dinner and have it ready by 4:45 if I don't go in the next 20 minutes? Hmm. This kindof situation makes communal living sound really nice...

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