Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Will you pray?

I received information that has me sick to my stomach, as well as soul-sick for this family friend...

Here's the history: my friends Mark and Melinda were high school sweethearts. After being married for about 10 years, Melinda, at age 31, died of breast cancer- leaving behind 3 small kids and a husband who loved her dearly. Mark went through that difficult ordeal and walked through it with the Lord at his side. A few years later, Mark met Leslie. I don't know their love story- but I do know they fell in love and got married, blending their families together. They had their one year anniversary earlier this year. I got an email this weekend that made me sick with longing for the Lord to intervene and heal... Please read the paragraph below (borrowed from a Facebook prayer page for her) and pray with us for Leslie's healing. She's currently in a coma.

"Leslie was pregnant with twins. Her water broke when she was at 19 weeks. They were able to stabilize her and the babies up to 21 weeks. Then baby a a girl was born stillborn this last Sunday. They tried to keep her from having baby b and she unfortunately did and that baby was unable to make it due to lack of lung function. Leslie, had an amniotic embolism which supposedly hasn't been heard of since the 40's and only one recorded time since this. But, she had a heart attack, and was with out oxygen for 17 minutes, her kidneys have failed and she's been put on dialysis, she's been placed on a ventilator and started at 100% oxygen but has started breathing at 60% on her own, which is good. She was seizing but that has decreased, and her blood pressure was low, however, that has gone up to normal and meds have been reduced which is good. There is risk of brain damage, heart problems and other organ damage. EEG shows improvements and stabilization, Leslie hasn't responded to touch or sound but her pupil's dilate with light- which is good. We are praying for complete healing and recovery. We need a miracle!!!"

Our God is mighty to save! Pray with me!

One Less...

Can you hear the crickets chirping on my blog? :) It's been pretty quiet around here lately. Not many blog posts. I've been filling my time with lots of good worship, painting/decorating my kitchen, and shopping on craigslist... :) So, my post today is about two "one less" things. :) I have one less boring/beige room in my house. And I posted a video from Matthew West, "One Less" about orphans...

Here's a before picture of the kitchen table area. Bland and unexciting. Nothing to please the eye, or make me want to linger there. :)
I had an image in mind of what I wanted in the space, but wasn't inspired, and didn't have money saved to do anything. But after a friend mentioned that she couldn't seat her family of 5 around her dinky kitchen table, the wheels started turning in my head to give her my table and shop for a table better suited for my space. :) So, I finally dedicated some money to the project by selling something else on craigslist, and started watching for deals.

It took me about 8 different shades of blue/green samples to match and find just the perfect shade... but after I painted, the whole project took shape. :)

Here is the 'almost finished' shot with too much light from the morning sun, but ahh, what a great place for lingering quiet times, coffee, and blogging!. :) I'll try to remember to post an actual 'finished' shot after I paint the set, with better light, and all of the roman shades pulled to exactly the same height (that bothers me... but not enough to put my coffee down and take a new pic). :)

I found this table, 6 chairs, and buffet table on craigslist ($95 for ALL of it), and splurged and bought a bench at wal*lly world, that you can't see because it's behind the table (my kids were sad at the thought of giving away their old beloved bench where they can pester one another/hug on each other while eating). My plan is to paint the table and chairs black, and do something different to the buffet. Maybe something crazy like a bold green or maybe cream underneath silverleaf... what do you think?

I sewed the curtain panels out of fabric that I got at 40% off at Hobby Lobby with a coupon and my birthday money, and I got a steal of a deal at Be* Ba* and Be*... with coupons. Did anyone else know that you can use expired coupons there? A friend told me about that, so I headed over with 4 coupons for the 4 roman shades that I wanted and sheepishly checked with a sales associate. Apparently, if you have the mailed coupons, they'll take them, no matter what the date! So, I saved $5 on EACH of the shades, that were already marked down 50%!

It's funny, but I'm excited to sit in my kitchen now. It's calming, pretty, soothing, AND it didn't break the bank. Now, I just need to get to painting the table set. :) And, I'm loving that with the shades down, I can still see out and watch my boys on the swingset, without sun in my eyes.

My garage, ready to get stinky with paint. And, Brandi's table, that I'll have to re-tackle after it gets warm again... I learned a thing or two from my failed attempts at spraying her table with lacquer...

And, the nearly finished product (with photography/lighting skills that leave something to be desired). :)
Now I just need to figure out what color to do the little buffet table that I use for my laptop.

On the adoption front: We have updated employment letters sent off to the secretary of state for apostille (again!)! My heart is HUNGRY for my daughter! Not in the 'fi-fi-fo-fum' way :) but in the aching, longing, need-to-hold-you-and-love-on-you-in-person-been-waiting-on-you-all-my-life kind of way. I'm wearing my 'Man Up. Protect and love the fatherless.' T-shirt from the Alsworth's fundraiser as I type this. Game on, people. :)

I saw this video and knew I needed to post it and share it here with you.

One Less by Matthew West (The Story Behind The Song) from emicmg on Vimeo

I think I might submit my project in this blog party: