Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moving (blogs that is...)

I haven't really had anything inspired or particularly exciting to blog about lately. One thing I'm doing though is moving my blog over to (through wordpress- so you'll have to follow that address instead (or same thing). I haven't done much to format that page yet though- so don't roam around too much because it's still under construction. I did import all of my blog posts though... so the info is there at least. *(And if you've been following me on your blogger account and want to add the new site just go to your dashboard and where it says 'blogs i'm following', hit the 'add' button, then paste in the new address).

I finished my first round of blanket projects and am about to hit round two. I wanted to blog about this second batch because I bought some really crazy fabrics this time... Hope I don't blind the new babies... hee hee. I'm sure it's some deep seated emotional response to how beige my house is currently, but hey- it's just a creative outlet, right?

So- if you want to see the new fabrics, you'll have to check out the new

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Shameless Advertising

Hi blog friends,
I'm doing a little shameless advertising today. Groupon is this great $ saving site that I've been using for about a year now. They have deals for most major cities- and some smaller cities/areas too. They're doing a promotion right now where they'll give me $20 just for doing shameless advertising. :) If you click this link, sign up to get their emails, and buy a deal/make a purchase by March 21st, I'll get $20.

How it works: You sign up your email address to receive their emails for daily deals they offer in your area. You receive their emails. Every day they promote a different store/company in your area/sometimes websites. You can buy a deal or just delete the email. No commitment, no extra cost to you. Some examples of deals I've bought before:
  • Buy a $20 am*zon gift card for $10.
  • Buy a $30 gift certificate for 'So and so's mexican restaurant' for $15.
Then, after you buy your deal, you can print the coupon the next day, and then take it with you to use at the store/restaurant- or use the online code if it's for a website. :) Most groupons are good for 6 months. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, as my 7 year old says.

So, if it's something that you might want to do, you can either sign up on your own without following my link, or you can give me $20 to use toward future groupons by clicking here.
    After you follow the link above and sign up, then go to this link, and buy this amazing deal:
    This is a great deal to do a printable scrapbook/book thing!