Friday, February 13, 2009

Mommy wants a time out.

Expectations. Isn't that the crux of so many life issues? aghhhh...

I have a lot of unmet expectations lately. I'm trying to stay thankful, and hopeful, but I'm going to take a minute and whine online about it and then get back to my hopefulness...

So, for weeks, the inlaws have been planning to keep our boys overnight, to give us a Valentine's date night that includes sleeping in, and to give the boys experience sleeping over there before our adoption goes through and we're gone for 10 days. We've been prepping the boys, talking about how fun it will be, how not to feel homesick, etc... And Wednesday night Steve comes down with some serious crud. He's in bed all day Thursday, and most of the day so far today.

So much for a romantic, fun-filled, doesn't matter: what time we eat, get home, how spicy the food is, how late the movie ends, sleep past when i normally have to get breakfast and an insulin shot in my 5 year old kind of relaxing date. Instead, I'm sterilizing the house, and maybe getting a chic flic at the library to watch alone while my hubby sleeps... and packing for the vacation we're leaving for on Wednesday... all the while praying that NO ONE else in the house gets this bug, so that we can go on a healthy vacation...

My other whine is that we're STILL waiting to get a copy of our home study. It's been six and a half weeks since we finished our meetings and we still don't have a copy of it or news that it's being edited/reviewed, etc... I'm kindof upset about it, not just for the fact that the last thing we heard was "as soon as I get it typed up"- but also that we paid thousands of dollars to them almost 5 months ago! It took until December to get the meetings done, and now it's FEBRUARY!!!

I'm tired. I should be resting instead of griping on the internet... oh well. I'm going to go clean the bathroom now. :)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Making a Blanket. Update! Thanks for the suggestions!

Hi blogstalkers and friends,
I am making a blanket for a friend who is about to have a baby. I love making quilts like this. It's full of fun textures and colors... lightweight brown corderoy, pink furry stuff, pink fleece with fringe cut in it, plain cotton with paisley pattern, white silkey soft stuff...
So, here are some pics of the final product. Thanks to everyone who helped me determine what color/fabric to put on the back. I'm definitely not a perfectionist- (I can't stand to use patterns either) but maybe that's why I like the 'art' of sewing things for friends... It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be from the heart. ;)
Thanks for the help and encouragement, friends!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm a nincompoop (I think it's probably appropriate that I can't even spell it)

Well, I have had a few conversations with the Lord over the last week or so about the state of things. What I keep coming back to, over and over, is that HE IS IN CHARGE. "What man, by worrying, has ever added a day to his life?"
And, to top off my pretty intense conversations with God lately about the stability of Steve's job, the adoption process, and my expectations, was a conversation with another mom at preschool yesterday.
They started their adoption process for a little girl from China... in 2005! They still don't have their little girl.

I am officially a whiney nincompoop.

Here I am, looking at my process, that I've only been in for 6 months, and I'm whining. They've had to RE-DO their home study for a 3rd time recently, just to keep it up to date... And they don't have a referral yet...
Lord, I pray for Jeana's family. I pray that you bless them with the long-saught-after beautiful little girl they've been waiting on. Fill their hearts with your peace while they continue to wait. I pray for an abundance of hope and expectation to build within them that you are taking care of ALL of their needs and wants by your grace. Bless them with abundance and the provision necessary to complete this process...

Perspective. Thank you father God. You teach me the way I need to be taught, not the way I want to be taught.