Friday, January 30, 2009

Beginning my search

Ok- so I have honestly NO idea when we'll bring our daughter home at this point. But I'm going to go ahead and begin my search for what to do with her bedroom. I was on and saw this awesome Asian crib bedding set- but it definitely is Chinese silk, not Indian fabric.

Upi graciously agreed to bring back some pastel colored sarees back from India for me to attempt to sew something for her bedroom. So, I'm looking online for ideas/complimentary items. I probably won't start decorating for quite a while but I want to at least start my 'nesting' on the computer, if not by actually painting or sewing something. :)

So, I'm putting out an APB for ideas/suggestions. I'd love to do her room with a girly/indian theme... any ideas you send my way are welcome. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Because I forgot to post it over Christmas...

I found a little note today that I had scribbled on December 22nd... I meant to post it somewhere so that I could 'memorialize' the quotes. So here it is, from snuggle time with my 5 year old just before bedtime:

"Mom, I don't think I like dinosaurs and lizards anymore. I like Speedracer and God."

And, another bedtime tradition, in order to bring on the good dreams... is for me to ask him what he's going to dream about. That night he said:

"Tonight I'm going to dream that I'm a wise man giving a present to Jesus. It's a box with a T-rex on it, full of toys for baby Jesus to play with."

Kids are awesome.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Many lessons in patience...

Well, my ability to walk in patience with the adoption process ebbs and flows... I'm not doing well today on that. I'm so ready to take another step, move forward in some way, mail something, fingerprint something, just DO something. I can't decide if I should be calling someone to see if things could be sped up- or just sit and wait for a phone call, email, or letter to make my next move.

It's such a fine balance between attempting to push things through and speed up the process, and waiting and letting it go at its own pace. I love how God uses our natural circumstances to keep us where he wants us. If God wanted me to drive all over the state to take documents to different places, he probably would have freed up my schedule and provided someone to run my house/family for me... hmm... ;) So, I wait. Not patiently, but at least I'm waiting.

It reminds me of a devotion I taught in college once... I did a word study on the word wait, as in "wait on the Lord..." The different definitions really caused me to pause. One was to do with someone actively waiting on tables at a restaurant... I was challenged to take that into consideration as a possible definition on how to respond to the Lord. I can sit, and stagnate, tapping my foot... OR- I can be actively waiting, serving those around me, and consider myself useful.

Now, I know there are definite advantages to both types of waiting- especially since there is a SURE call for peace and tranquility as we rest in His presence... but I am going to go with the proactive, filling the needs of others type of waiting right now. I need to take care of my family, get the laundry done, clean up those goldfish crackers that have been under the kitchen table for 3 days, and 'wait' on the Lord. Might as well make myself useful and make myself into a blessing for others, instead of just waiting for MY blessing to come.