Monday, June 29, 2009

Dealing with Change...

Well, we're officially settled in our new house. Still much to do to make it 'homey' and organized, but we're technically in... :) We've been here 3 weeks today.

Yesterday the air conditioner broke. Thankfully it's supposed to cool down this week to the mid-90's (note sarcasm here). AC dudes can come Tuesday. Steve's parents are driving RIGHT NOW to come and stay with us for a few days. Life is always such an adventure with me. If you want bland- DO not be friends with me... :)

So, last night, we decided as a family that it was healthy for us to experience life as the rest of the world does. We'll do a few days with no air conditioning. And in the meantime, we'll pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who deal with ceaseless heat and bugs.

Steve found a website this week where you can plug in your annual income, and it shows you where you are compared to the rest of the world. We're in the top 1%! That's crazy considering that we've been pinching pennies for years, and don't live an extravagent lifestyle by American standards. WE ARE SO SPOILED!

So, yes, it was 88 in the house last night as we went to sleep. BUT, we each went to sleep in a safe house, in a safe community, with screens on the windows, no malaria carrying mosquitos, and fans above our beds. As we slept, our tummies were still full from dinner, and we knew that there would be breakfast available for us in the morning.

Trying to keep a global worldview when I'm surrounded in opulence is difficult at times. So, I think I'm actually grateful for this experience. I am praying that it doesn't end in having to get a new AC or something else that is expensive- but I realize that God WILL provide if that is the case.

On another note. I'm an excited and nervous mommy today...

My 5 year old who has type 1 Diabetes is at a day camp with other diabetic kids this week! I'm soooo jazzed. They will do sports, crafts, songs, etc... AND they'll also have diabetes management education, AND get to bond with other kids with diabetes. So valuable, in so many ways for my little man.

It's also good practice for me, seeing as how I'll be leaving him with a kindergarten class daily in just few months... :)

God bless all of you random blog readers out there. May you be blessed with good health, hearts that clearly hear God's voice, and passion to embrace your day!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The girl effect...

Ok- been forever since I've blogged. Let's just say life got a bit crazy on me... since I've posted, we've halfway moved halfway across the country.:) more on that later... (and yes, i meant to put halfway on there twice...)

I saw this and cried. Wowzers! I have no idea about the actual validity of the charity, but the concept is something I definitely agree with. I've been challenged by reading "Three cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson...

Check it out:
The Girl Effect

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