Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sharing a fun link today

Still processing and trusting that God is going to lead us over the next few months. Thankfully, I'm doing pretty well at staying in the place of trust, at least for the time being. :) I realize that God has a specific child in mind for our family, and a specific job in mind for my husband- and that my faith muscles are getting stretched and strengthened as I wait and trust for both to be revealed... in season. :)

I'm sharing a fun link today. I was looking for the name of a berry picking farm to go with the kids this week, when I found this fun website:

They have a listing of states, and then farm listings by county. Some are a bit outdated- but what a neat resource! They list the name of the farm and the different types of produce that they offer (pumpkins, berries, etc. and listings of farmer's markets and such!).

Another one is a fun Oklahoma State Agritourism site that has similar mapped listings:

How fun. Get outside, people (especially before it gets blazing hot!)!

Monday, May 17, 2010

While I wait...

Well, I'm in limbo still. Waiting.

The good news is that in the midst of all of our upheaval, we're seeing God's blessing and provision in amazing ways. We were given a gigantic swing set by the neighbors; we received a tax credit that we didn't know for sure that we qualified for; we received another savings that will save us $800/month while we wait for group health insurance to kick in; we have friends (missionaries to Burkina Faso) staying with us who are blessing us with prayers, encouragement and quality time. All in all, it has been really encouraging.

On a funny note, I picked up my 6 year old from school and he promptly informed me that he broke up with Addie (his friend girl... :)). When I asked why, he said she lied. :( Something about a rolleypoley (never had to spell that before?). Ahh, young love. I said, 'you'll make up,' to which he replied, "yeah, maybe tomorrow."

So sweet.

Well, for now Steve is working in Edmond and driving 100 miles each way. We're thinking and praying about solutions in the short term while we figure out what the long term decisions will be. We did figure out that it costs us $32/day for gas and tolls. Bleh! Not to mention the 3 hours on the road every day. We're still on the adoption waiting list- but basically ineligible to receive a referral until we have something solid in place regarding job/living situation... and we don't have firm answers for those questions as of yet.