Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Would you like to be clothed in Righteousness?

I re-read the story of the wedding feast in Matthew 22 recently- and wanted to blog a bit about my ponderings... The story is about how the invited guests did not come, so the king opened the celebration up to the people on the street (read through it if you're unfamiliar... and do it in a study Bible that has good extra facts/notes re: each scripture. So enlightening!). One interesting part of that story that I've never focused on, was that he clothed each person in wedding garments so that they'd be appropriately dressed. There was one man though, who refused to put on the garments that he was offered. Whether it be out of low self-esteem/undeservedness, arrogance or some other motive- the point was that the King had tried to clothe him in splendor, and he turned it down! The king saw that he wasn't dressed in the wedding garments and was outraged/upset that his kindness had been refused- and kicked the guy out of the wedding feast!

My prayer for all of you, is that you clothe yourself in the righteousness and splendor that is offered to you by our King! I pray that you would take it on, like a mantle, and put on His righteousness.

The other thing I thought of after I read through that story, was that all of those street people left the wedding dressed in splendor! Everyone on the street who saw them walking around, could tell they had been in the presence of the King, and that the king had highly favored them and dressed them! And, my guess is, those people wore those garments for as long as they could! I pray that you too, would wear what God has dressed you in- and know that others will see and know that you're favored and have been in the presence of the King. He will use it to draw people unto HIMSELF! He'll use His splendor on YOU for HIS glory!

Cracks me up how surprised I can get with the Word! :) Love it. It's definitely life and breath to me. Like a cup of cold water in a dry and weary land.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sympathetic Playgroup

I went to a Dillon playgroup here in T-town on Friday. Got to make a few new friends, and got to chat with Heather (Piyashi's mom), who also accepted a referral of a little boy back in May. :) It was definitely nice to sit and talk face to face with others who are in the same holding pattern that I am.

Thankfully, my life is nicely complicated and distracting during the wait. I've got kids to care for, a mess (I mean house) to clean up constantly, a new part time job working  at RIM while E's is in preschool (woot, woot!), A's diabetes to manage (there's a whole other blog post on that topic as well... how would you other type1parents do this situation: 71 bg at bedtime, 70% basal rate for 3 hours- then a 58 at 10:30... pump him up, re-check and he's only 78? Go to sleep and pray it's ok? Temp basal? Extra sugar, no temp basal? We ended up give him a little more juice and a 75% basal for 6 hours.... and he wakes up at 288! He's been trending falling 30 pts overnight- but Bleh!). Anyway- I digress...

This playgroup was wonderful to be surrounded by people who 'get it.' The ups and downs of this adoption process yet again stir my heart/emotions. Give it to God. Express tiredness with the wait. Wait. Be ok with the wait. Be angry about the wait. Give it to God. Ask God again to PLEASE bring the kid. Wait again. Watch a number of my friends get pregnant and have babies while I wait. Find out friends are newly pregnant and wonder if they'll have their babies before I do... Watch a few of my friends have 2 babies during my wait... (sigh*).

So, after the playgroup, I decide that I should not only be praying my daughter home- but specifically be praying that Heather can pick up her sweet little boy as well. I do that with most of the families I know who are in the process... but having a face-to-face conversation about how she got the referral in May and then the Indian gov't hit pause for everyone... and 8 months later she's still wondering what in the world is going on, and she still can't travel to go pick him up... I do believe that's worse torture than being 2 years 4 months, 4 weeks and 1 day into the process and not having a referral (but who's counting?).

As usual, putting on my 'patient mama hat' and doing my best to remember others' situations before His throne, trying to clean the house with more intentionality, and not to stress about stupid stuff. :) I'm also considering spending our extra cash on getting the boys into a homeopathic doc about the allergy stuff they're going through. who needs spare $ anyway, right? :) (Any opinions on that? Is it worth it?)

Well, thanks for reading my rabbit trail. Had a bit too much caffeine this morning, apparently. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Adoption Tax Credit/Refund information:

I really enjoyed this post and all of the links provided in it, so I wanted to link up to it here.

So much good adoption tax credit info! Please pass this on to anyone who might be considering adoption, but is overwhelmed with the idea of the expenses involved.

Happy Saturday everyone! Pray for me, I'm headed out to Sam's club! ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tunnel Vision Expanding

As I started off the new year, I took some time to pray over the year and what God would have me focus on or change. The first thing that came to mind: expand my adoption tunnel vision. I've been so focused on the progress (or LACK of progress) in the adoption process lately. I've spent a disproportionate amount of time thinking about/being impatient about/attempting to figure out this whole adoption thing (as if I can control ANY of it!?). I've felt compelled to broaden my vision, and allow the Lord to remove the tunnel vision that I've had, and to speak purpose and life into the other areas of my life that haven't had enough of my attention.

Steve and I also spent some time discussing a scripture that we adopted for the year- Ezekiel 39. Interesting chapter- and the verses that carry promise for us are these:
25 “Therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will now restore the fortunes of Jacob and will have compassion on all the people of Israel, and I will be zealous for my holy name. 26 They will forget their shame and all the unfaithfulness they showed toward me when they lived in safety in their land with no one to make them afraid. 27 When I have brought them back from the nations and have gathered them from the countries of their enemies, I will be proved holy through them in the sight of many nations. 28 Then they will know that I am the LORD their God, for though I sent them into exile among the nations, I will gather them to their own land, not leaving any behind. 29 I will no longer hide my face from them, for I will pour out my Spirit on the people of Israel, declares the Sovereign LORD.”

We're excited to pray that God will show His compassion to us, that He'll 'be proved holy through us in the sight of many nations...' and are asking that He will pour out His spirit on the people in our family. I'm believing for growth and change in each member of our family, that we would be better people at the end of 2011- and more like our God. I also love that it says "I will gather them to their own land, not leaving any behind"- and I chose to believe that God is referring to our little girl- and reminding me that she'll not be left behind, but will (eventually!) be joined with our family. :)