Sunday, November 21, 2010

Truthseekers and the work of reconciliation

Humility and Love in action
Have you heard of Truthseekers International? Probably not- so I'm telling you about them today. :) A family that we worked with while we were living in India working with eMi moved back to India with Truthseekers in New Delhi. They've been there for a number of years and the ministry that they do is so wonderful. The ministry of Truthseekers is primarily to bring the gospel to the Dalit class/caste in India (the untouchables). Every Thanksgiving/end of November, they do a really neat event where Christians from around the world travel to India and do foot washing ceremonies for the untouchables. These Christians become the hands of Christ, touching and serving people who are so often NOT touched or served. It is powerful.

They have a blog:

This is where people who are currently on this trip (right now!) are blogging for their friends and family about the experience of touching and washing the feet of the Dalit caste. They have posted pictures, personal journal entries, etc... It's really exciting- not only to see the way they're being changed by ministering, but also seeing the people who have been labeled as 'untouchable' receive touch/love/prayer!

Please pray with them/me for the footwashing events. Pray for God to open the hearts of all involved. Pray for His spirit to flow fully, and His love to be evident in the hearts of people who have not received His love before. If you scroll down on their blog page, it has their travel schedule. India is roughly 12 hours ahead of us in the US- so you can pray for the events as they're happening. :) They did a footwashing event today (Sunday) and they have another in just a few hours (Monday).

I love the heart of Truthseekers- and wanted to tell you about it too.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finished the table project!

Finally finished my table project! I'm really enjoying the look! Still working on my friend's table though. For some reason the finish on hers started to bubble up with the LAST coat of lacquer! Bleh. So, hoping for a few more warm days in the garage to work on it sans children (and hubby is really hoping for me to finish so he can park his car in the garage before the weather gets yucky). :)

I'm really glad that it is finished just in time for the holidays! It made me so happy to imagine our Christmas dinner this year on a table that is big enough to fit us all (I have two more chairs that match, and the bench can seat 3)!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We have lift off!!!! :)

This is the feeling I have right now:

We finally have lift-off! :) We met with our social worker today and completed our home study update meeting! :) She'll now type it up and do whatever they do to make it official- and we're back in line again! I think we'll be back at #2, but we'll wait to know for sure once the update is official. :)

Ahh... Thank you Jesus! Makes me want to run and wave my hat in the air, just like those guys. :)