Monday, August 31, 2009

Wheels are finally in motion!

It feels SOOOOO good to have wheels rolling on the adoption again. I joked the other day that we'll meet our daughter sometime right after we take our current 5 year old off to college... (lets just say it is moving MUCH slower than I expected)!

We passed the one year anniversary of the start of our adoption journey- and although it did make me sad, I was glad to know that we're actually DOING something on the adoption front again.

So, today I finished up the i800A application and checked with Dillon to see when our homestudy update would reach our greedy little hands... :) I'm getting the envelope ready and the check written so that I can stick it in with our other paperwork and swoop down to the post office and get it sent to the powers that be!

We're also amassing a large quantity of stuff (some nicer than the rest...) for our adoption fundraising garage sale that we hope to have on the 11th and 12th. Pray for lots more donations of valuable stuff, and for good, sunny weather. :)

ahhh... I'll update the sidebar when we actually get the I800A mailed.... :) until then I'll pace around the house- or do dishes. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't know what to call this...

OK. Haven't blogged in a while.

I experienced a moment yesterday that was one of those almost ethereal moments that stands out of space and time:

I'm in line for communion at church yesterday (a church I attended in College, and this was my first Sunday to go there in 10 years...). I hear the pastor say that there are two bowls next to the bread; one is white grape juice and one is wine. So, my immediate thoughts are like this: Wow, wine, huh... Can they do that, legally? In all my years as a Christian, it seems odd that I've NEVER had a communion with actual wine. It has always been grape juice... In the bible it was wine...

So, I approach the table to take communion and hesitate. I don't really like red wine. But, then again I've NEVER had communion with REAL wine before, just like in the Bible... So I dip my bread into the wine.

It's bitter.
I started to cry.
Jesus' blood is bitter.

It was a bitter, bitter thing for him to have to die on the cross for all of my sin. (I'm crying again as I type this.)

What a bitter, horrible thing, for God to have to give his ONLY son, in death so that He could be closer to ME! Oh my sorrowful heart. I had such an intense time in communion, like I've not had, probably since I came to Christ the first time. Just having that taste in my mouth, took me to an image of the upper room where Jesus, knowing he's going to die, serves the disciples bread and wine.

Very interesting experience, crying my eyes out during communion. Thank you God that your Spirit is still moving in that church, and that I'm still sensitive enough to feel it.