Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm praying for you Britney...

I'm a housewife/mom in the mountains of Colorado- but I'm a praying woman. I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to move and soothe and create new life. I'm praying for Britney Spears a lot lately. Every time I hear about her on the news I just wish they'd leave the girl alone. I know how hard it is to raise two little boys and still keep your wits about you... and I really am moved and am praying that God will reach her and sustain her through this tough time. I can't imagine what it's like for her with media in her face all the time- and she doesn't have the help of a supportive husband either.

Oh Britney. If you ever find yourself in Colorado- please come by and just REST with me. I'll make you a cup of decaf starbucks house blend and I'll let you chill on my couch. All our boys can play and get dirty in the backyard while we talk about the challenges of motherhood and womanhood and just talk. I hope you have friends like that and down-time like that Britney. I don't know what I'd do without God and my good friends. If you want to talk about Jesus- or just not talk at all, come on over.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pay for my Lasik Anyone?

I've been hoping that Lasik is in my future but every time I see the price ($2000/eye!) I just lose heart that we'll ever afford it. Not that we don't have money. God has blessed us with a very comfortable life... but there are other things that come before eye surgery.

So, I'm putting a link to PayPal on here... and I'll pray for a generous person to come to this blog and be moved to pay for my lasik! :) Maybe I'll be one of those fortunate folks who have a long lost relative that can't figure out who should receive their estate... Or, if I get 4000 people to each donate $1.00...

Donate to at Paypal.

It's worth a try...

My 20 pound baby- 'Swaddle King!'

Ok. So today I'm just laughing at how my 20 pound almost 7 month old baby has to be swaddled to fall asleep! We've tried a few times to take the swaddling blanket away... no luck.

Maybe we'll try again this weekend. I tried doing it alone during the week last time and that about made me pull my hair out with him crying all the time... By the time we actually break him of it he's going to be asking for it by name!

We've joked that he's going to be 16 and I'm going to have to make him a giant swaddler... Hope not.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The toothpaste gospel

Hmm... what a day. It's not like I'm running up against anything terrible or extremely difficult... just life. Why is it that I seem to feel like I'm losing my mind/my cool so much more than I ever have before?

My two beautiful boys are a gift from God- and today I feel like God sent them to me to test my very composition as a spirit filled woman... How can you tell what is inside a toothpaste tube? You can't see in it. You can't feel the texture of what is inside. You can't smell it's fragrance. Until... you open it- THEN squeeze it.

So- I'm feeling today like God has first opened me (more like for surgery than like uncapping toothpaste!) and now he's squeezing...

I'm thinking that if the analogy is comparing me to the toothpaste: I'm long past the expiration date... The fresh, newness that the Holy Spirit brings is soooo much preferred to the stale, oft expired nastyness of which my flesh is composed.

Lord, make me NEW!