Monday, June 23, 2008

Our weekend

I'd love to start by praising my husband for ripping the entire deck off our house in about 4 hours. It is now stacked in pcs by the side of the house. amazing. It's pretty fun looking out the back door and seeing nothingness. :) It makes me even more excited to think that we'll be gaining a nice beautiful new one in the next month or so (no pressure steve...).

we had a 'family experience' yesterday.
we were booked for a 4:00 picture of the fam at the jcpenney photographer. so, about 3:00 my stress level starts to rise. we do eventually get out the door and we're only 3 minutes late, and no one has gotten food all over their matchy matchy clothes. success so far.
all is going well, until my 'nearly 2 year old' realizes that he really doesn't want to do this... So, the best pose we got of Evan is him pushing the photographer's broom around. oh well. at least we accurately captured what he's like, right?

then we experienced the craziest blood sugar readings yet...
Right after the photo session, Andyman says he feels low. we check him and he's 44 (normal range 80-180). so we pump him up and then head straight over to get a hamburger so that his bloodsugar goes up to the normal range. we then wait to give him his shot and check him again at 8:00 before his bedtime snack. Then his number is 440! WHAT? omgoodness. just when I feel like we're doing it right, we have a day like this. bleh. We could really use a supernatural pancreas transplant.

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