Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer, come on already! :)

I keep getting excited that we're out of our winter/spring thing that we've been in for so long... but then it gets cold and foggy like it was yesterday and I think we're back where we started. :)

Finally today, I'm feeling like a functioning human being after having strep for 5 days. And it's nice outside!!! My hubby's folks live nearby in a neighborhood with a pool... Let's go boys! (But they're napping... and that's a good thing.)

Now I'm just hoping that it stays warm and sunny long enough this season for my garden to start growing. It still looks pretty puny and it's almost June. :)

Other stuff: We've talked for YEARS (my poor hubby) about getting a dog. First it was, "Well, we're in an apartment, wait until we get a house with a yard." Then it was "Well, we have a house, but we're probably going to move overseas." Then it was "Well, we moved back from overseas, into an apartment." Then it was "Well, we moved back into our house, but now we have a 7 month old and I'm not ready for another 'baby'." Then we actually had another baby. Now.
Hmm. My baby is almost 2.
We're still in this house with a nice big backyard.
And (drumroll please)...

My hubby and 2 boys are allergic to dogs.


The latest update to the 'fam with no dog' saga is this. I had previously 'priced' labradoodles or goldendoodles online. We're talking $$$$. $2-3000 dollars! Yikes. So much for saving for adoption or paying down the mortgage...

But today, hubby emailed me a link to a labradoodle that needs adopting. He's trained, supposedly plays well with others, and only costs $450 with shots and all.

What will happen with this tidbit of information. Jesus. It is purely in your hands.

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Terra said...

Out of curiosity why a labradoodle? Once we are in a house with a good yard we will probably get a dog too! Dean LOVES dogs!