Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week of splurges...

So, thanks to the unexpected escrow refund check, we splurged a little- and Steve felt that after my post about no new shoes- that it was time... :) So I have new shoes. :) Exciting times around here! I feel like a little kid about it. We also spotted some sweet bunk beds on craigslist and are hopefully headed to get them on Sunday. Yee haw. :) The boys will be ecstatic- and technically that will free up an extra room for a special little someone from India!! Now, we just wait for some forward movement on the adoption... :) Come on temporary licensing paperwork!!! We're ready for some action! :)


Katie said...

So, what kind of shoes did you get? You know me and shoes! That's great that you found some bunk beds on Craigslist- I've been looking for a few weeks for bunk beds for the girls but can't find anything I like. Ah, well. I'll keep looking. Praying you get some news soon!

Peter and Nancy said...

Fun times! Our boys were definitely excited about the bunk beds -- we got them well before we had a referral, and they wanted to move in the same room together right away. :o) I'm praying movement too -- no surprise there, right?!

Julie & Patrick said...

How exciting to think about preparing the rooms! We are just starting this process right now ourselves. Devi wants to be in the same room as Treya....we'll see how that works out!

Yahoo for new shoes too! I am in the same boat...time to replace mine....almost seeing through the floor boards!

Julie R

Paul and Robyn said...

To bad you are not in Colorado I have some great bunk type beds I bought for our grandchildren and now because of selling our house I am looking to rid myself of.
And on another note.
My daughter Jill is always calling me about things for Andy. Last night she called and said she read a great article in this months issue of "Living Without". She said you really must read it and it is linking Diabietes to Celiac. She said some change in diet has shown amazing things. And since she has done some great things with diet and autism I thought I would pass that on to you.
Hope all is well.

3galsmama said...

No pic of the shoes? You're killing me! ;)