Monday, March 22, 2010

Beginning to sew...

Well, I'm beginning a new venture that will hopefully be in full swing in the next few months. I'm going to make some things out of the plethora of beautiful Indian fabrics I have and sell them as a fundraiser for the adoption... . Some were bought new in India in bazaars, others at Fab India, and others at the used saree bazaar in Dehradun (It's like going to goodwill/ARC except it's yards and yards of beautiful Indian fabrics- with only minor defects that you can cut around when sewing!) Once I get some things finished I'll post pictures and hopefully draw some interest from parents who have adopted or will adopt Indian kiddos (or those of you out there who just want to buy something cute to support our adoption). :) Some of the fabrics look blatantly Indian, others are not obviously Indian- (including some cream colored organic cotton not pictured). And I actually have some Thai Silk and some brocades from Hong Kong that I could use if some of you have friends adopting from Thailand or China...
Here are some ideas I'm throwing around in my head... I'm going to break out the sewing machine after all the little people around here get healthy (and aren't as clingy)!
  • Child-size cooking/craft aprons

  • Tooth fairy pillows

  • Doll sized punjabi suits/kurtas (sarees are WAY too difficult to undertake at this point)

  • wall hangings/small quilts

  • rag dolls (like a pillowcase or handkerchief doll)

  • Christmas stockings

  • Dress Up Clothes
Any other suggestions out there of things I could make? I'm just a mama with a sewing machine though- so don't ask for replicas of the taj mahal out of fabric or anything... :) Here is a blanket I did last year for a friend- but that one is not from the fun Indian fabrics... :) Also, one of my dilemmas is that some of the fabric is really flowy/sheer and will 1) be a bit more difficult to sew/hem and 2) need to be backed with another fabric for strength.

So, comment away on what would be more desirable, or what I should attempt to make, and I'll get to experimenting and see what comes of it! :)


SarahinOK said...

Love Tamara's idea of pillowsack dresses! Or Ring Slings (which I've not made before- but am willing to check it out.

SarahinOK said...

Awesome ideas from Brenna: Handmade cards with Indian fabric cutouts. Christmas cards would be especially pretty - I'm picturing ornaments cut out of sari fabric and glued or stitched to cardstock. Or abstract floral designs.
Coaster sets, hair barrettes, poofy skirts, toddler backpacks... :)

Larisa said...

I've made a few ring slings - they are so easy. You would have to line them since sari fabric alone wouldn't be nearly strong enough, but what a great idea!

SarahinOK said...

Another fun idea: make a pillowcase dress and then make a small matching dress for a doll!

Peter and Nancy said...

I think purses (either for little girls, grownups, or both) would be great. And I love the ornament idea. Sachets would be easy and fun too -- maybe in the shape of a heart, with a tag that says your heart is in India, or you love India, or something.

Katie said...

I can't think of anything new, but I especially love the handmade card idea and dress up clothes! Love the idea. Miss you!

Terra said...

I would totally buy a little sundress or the like for Abi! :)