Monday, March 01, 2010

Pray for accreditation:

Pray for the ACA's license to be renewed by CARA. :) Lots of letters/abbreviations, but that's the prayer that needs to be prayed. :) No Dillon/India referrals have taken place in more than a month because this renewal process isn't complete yet. So- for all of you friends/bloggers out there- take it to the Lord for all of us who are waiting. :)

And- Nancy asked for some stories from days in India... I thought of a few- but this one was particularly funny that I ran across in old journals:
Humorous moment from the Bilaspur project trip:
As we all got up to join Steve in singing a few songs in the Sunday service- Sarah gets up from her front row seat (where we all sat down when we arrived at the service before the rest of the congregation arrived) and realized that she was sitting on the men's side of the church- AND that all of the women (sitting on their appropriate side...) had their heads covered! AHH!
:-) I apologized to the pastor afterward- but it still makes for quite an interesting experience... (I think it was better than on a previous trip to India when all the girls on my team showed up to church wearing men's Indian Punjabi suits instead of women's...- ask me later for the story).

I'll try to look up other more interesting and culturally revealing stories from my old journals- but this one was a funny glimpse back into this small town church experience. :)

On a more somber note, I came across some pictures of my time spent working in Mother Teresa's Home of the Dying. That was surely one of the most humbling acts of service I've ever experienced. I'll see if I can scan them and put some up here...


Katie said...

I'm praying for their license to be renewed and referrals to start up again quickly! Love the story from India- you should definitely keep sharing them. :-)

Peter and Nancy said...

Thank you for indulging me, Sarah! What a great story to share. :o) I love getting a glimpse into more of India than I've been able to experience.

Traci said...

Hey, Sarah - I was just wondering if there has been any word on the license renewal. We're out of that part of the process, so don't get any word on that stuff now. Praying. . .Traci G.