Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet moments with Little People

Today was a funny, blessing kind of a day. Full of highlights that make life as a mommy so awesome.

The sweetness started with E wanting to sit on my lap while I watched a 'mommy TV show' this afternoon. I ended up watching part of a recorded episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition from a few weeks ago that featured the Muppets (I figured, hey, if he was willing to sit with me, I might as well pick a the episode where there are puppets tearing down a house...). :) About half way through, I notice he's starting to breathe heavily- and his eyelids flutter closed. My 3 1/2 year old fell asleep on me! (This DOES NOT happen anymore!) So sweet. So, I sat there, remote in hand, thankful that I didn't have to pee- and watched two more 30 minute shows I had recorded. :) I loved hearing him breathe/snore, watching him occasionally twitch, and just having him so close for so long.

We went to pick up A from school and came home to ride bikes in the driveway. Within about 10 minutes, 4 neighbor kids joined in on the fun. 2 Bikes, 3 scooters, and 2 remote controlled vehicles were going every which direction- and eventually two plastic boomerangs were whizzing EVERYWHERE (1 ending on the neighbor's roof). I LOVE that my boys have neighbor kids their age to play with now. In Colorado we had neighbors but let's just say they were more interested in Medicare than boomerangs. Sometimes I joke that we traded our mature trees and mature neighbors for immature trees and immature neighbors (meaning kids, of course...)!

After it started to rain, the neighbor kids ended up coming in and playing here for about 20 minutes before the chaos started to get to me as I was attempting to start dinner - and I broke up the party. I had the boys wash up and they wanted to help me cook. I was working on making some homemade bread (I LOVE to make my dad's recipe, but I only do it about 3 times a year). So, we each put on our aprons (me in my 'Pampered Bride' apron from a wedding shower 11 years ago... and the boys in their ever-macho robot aprons.). They helped me knead and were so cute doing it.

Anyway- we had dinner as a family, ended the night reading some dinosaur books together before my hubby got them ready for bed (thank you!). Our bedtime snack was homemade braided bread with nutella on it... :) mmmmmm :) A and I had a great conversation as I was tucking him in about a friend of his at school who has a hard time with pronunciation. I love watching the caring nature in him really shine... he came to the realization that it's probably pretty frustrating for his friend to have a hard time saying his r's, and being made fun of for it must be especially hard.

Then tucking in E was fun too... but not in the deep, introspective way. I loved the story he/we made up about an elephant named Steve who ate a whole tree full of peaches, got sick, puked, then went to ride his hot wheels bike with real fire/smoke shooting out the back.

I love my life. As much as I can obsess about the child we're waiting on but have not yet met... the other two we have are amazingly fantastic. :) And although I should have taken pics while they were in their robot aprons, this pic of E wearing quite a bit of Nutella is priceless...


The Pfeiffer Family said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with your boys. Isn't it fun the stories that boys come up with? All the energy they have is just amazing, too. I couldn't get the video to play :-( You bread looks YUMMY!

April :-)

jasonliberty said...

I love this post! It melted my heart, my son is going to be 13 and I really miss those sweet moments from when he was little! He is a wonderful young man and our relationship has reached a different level, but I do miss the mommy hung the moon stage. God is amazing, and it's his little blessings that can mean the most.


Shad and Maggie Alsworth said...

Sara it sounds like an amazing day. Treasure the moment. Would you mind sharing your recipe? :)

Julie & Patrick said...

Love how sometimes the unplanned days make for some of the best memories. I love love love the twitchy sleep patterns of a snoozing little one, their relaxed weight laying heavy on your chest...a wonderful experience.

What a fun day!
Julie R

Laura said...

Sounds like you were living in the moment-- we should all do that more, shouldn't we?!

Aimee said...

Wow, those are the kind of days that make your heart sing! Thank you for sharing. I love the nutella-smeared face. So sweet.

3galsmama said...

Gonna keep planting the seed ... homeschool, woman, you're a natural! Oh, and ... Mmmmm, Nutella. ;)