Friday, January 30, 2009

Beginning my search

Ok- so I have honestly NO idea when we'll bring our daughter home at this point. But I'm going to go ahead and begin my search for what to do with her bedroom. I was on and saw this awesome Asian crib bedding set- but it definitely is Chinese silk, not Indian fabric.

Upi graciously agreed to bring back some pastel colored sarees back from India for me to attempt to sew something for her bedroom. So, I'm looking online for ideas/complimentary items. I probably won't start decorating for quite a while but I want to at least start my 'nesting' on the computer, if not by actually painting or sewing something. :)

So, I'm putting out an APB for ideas/suggestions. I'd love to do her room with a girly/indian theme... any ideas you send my way are welcome. :)


Our family said...

I really like this set! I ordered a SOHO set also,great bedding.I am waiting for the comforter to come.I will post some pictures soon.I have no idea when our daughter is coming either,but I wanted to get started too. Have fun nesting on the computer,Gidget

Aimee said...

Wow. No idea, but you are so resourceful! I know you'll find the perfect thing for her.