Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Because I forgot to post it over Christmas...

I found a little note today that I had scribbled on December 22nd... I meant to post it somewhere so that I could 'memorialize' the quotes. So here it is, from snuggle time with my 5 year old just before bedtime:

"Mom, I don't think I like dinosaurs and lizards anymore. I like Speedracer and God."

And, another bedtime tradition, in order to bring on the good dreams... is for me to ask him what he's going to dream about. That night he said:

"Tonight I'm going to dream that I'm a wise man giving a present to Jesus. It's a box with a T-rex on it, full of toys for baby Jesus to play with."

Kids are awesome.

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The Pfeiffer Family said...

These are precious!! Thanks for sharing.