Monday, December 29, 2008

Woo Hoo! Home Study finished!

Woo Hoo! Finally, the home study is finished. On to the next and even more expensive parts of the process... :) Nothing like paying hundreds of $$$ to get your fingerprints done... again... :)

I'm really just over the top excited that we're putting another notch in our 'adoption process' belt, and putting the home study behind us.

We had a great week last week in OK with my mom and brother's fam. It was fun, relaxing, and I ate my weight in sweets.

Now I'll plug along, back to real life. Thankfully I have a week before we start back to Preschool and other scheduled events.

I cannot believe it's almost 2009!

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Candice said...

Congratulations! It does feel great to check something else off the long adoption list. :) I hope your next process goes smoothly.

CandiceS (Dillon mom)