Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I bought her a Christmas present.

So, I went on a girls' weekend and had a glorious time. We had relaxing times by the fireplace, good conversation, some dinners in, some dinners out, shopping, laughing, devotions, and SLEEP (although none of us slept great because we weren't in our own beds...).

While out shopping, I had to remind myself that in order to afford the adoption itself, I can't start buying things for my daughter yet... If I fill her closet, we won't have the cash to actually bring her home. :)

Then I went to the Carter's outlet...

I am a complete sucker for a good deal. They had these cute little 1 pc long sleeved outfits that snap up the legs... and with my friend's coupon, they were $3.19 each... I bought 5. I picked some out in three different sizes (what size will you be, little one?). So, we're officially $17 farther away from our adoption savings potential- but I don't think I regret it (at least not yet). :)


Aimee said...

Haha. I love outlet shopping. That's how I got Abbie's clothes shopping finished in October.

It's exciting to buy something new for your little one. When we finally got a positive pregnancy test with Abbie, I bought a cream blankie.

Sounds like you had a great time! I'd love to do something like that.

Kristi W. said...

Shopping therapy is a must during the wait! ;) I highly recommend it. When you finally get to put your daughter in all of the things you bought for her, it helps you heal. That painful time of waiting starts to fade. I hope your wait is on the short end of things. Is Dillon still quoting an 18-24 month wait for referral once you are on the waitlist? Hopefully that has shortened now... But then you know that God's timeline is not always the same as what's quoted!

:) Kristi

Seneca said...

Thanks for browsing my page. It is still being woked on. I work full time and I am horrible at computer stuff. You have a great blog. I would like to steal some of your ideas, such as the donate with paypal thing. Anything helps, right.
I am looking forward to being a mom finally, after all the misery my husband and I experienced during fertility treatments!! Just can't wait:)