Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Give Away Giveaway!

A Give Away Giveaway! ;)
Hi Bloggie friends,
A sweet friend of mine is doing a giveaway on her blog and I want you all to have the chance to enter... Check out her blog for fab ideas/inspiration, and to win some yummy handmade soap and handmade goodies!

She has a great post on Crafivism that you should read too.

I'm preparing for round 2 of Blizzard 2011. :) We got between 15-20 inches of snow total last week, and we're expecting another 5-10 tonight/tomorrow! The kids have already had 6 snow days in a row! Hopefully I can get a few more projects done, bake some goodies with the kids, and who knows... maybe do a giveaway myself! :)


Brooke said...

Thanks Sarah!

Peter and Nancy said...

I cannot believe you got more snow than I did last week! Stay warm -- and thanks for thinking of your readers while you're snowed in. :o)