Monday, November 03, 2008


Ok- so I'm trying to be content with the length and feel of the process of adoption- and am constantly before God's throne about it, even though we've just barely started!

So, I decided for some encouragement I would go to the website I had found and look at pictures of the orphanage and babies that had been adopted out of there (the actual orphanage where our little one will be/is). So, I'm on that site, looking at the same pictures I have looked at before, when I see links to families that have adopted from there. I randomly click on one and start to read a post. I realize that this family looks a lot like ours... and that they're in the process of adopting a second little girl from India. :)

Then I start to read the latest post. I'm so moved by it, and so encouraged, because it's all about the DAY they are picking up their second daughter in India! I'm so excited for their family. I think to myself that I didn't notice the date it was posted. I look and see that it was posted TODAY! They are with their little girl for the first day RIGHT NOW! I am so blessed to be a part of their experience- even though they don't know who I am.

One of her comments on her post was to all the other families who are waiting in the process- she said something about resting easy- because our little ones are getting hugs from her today. That brought me to tears. I know the Ayah's there are doing a wonderful job- but knowing that another mom is there, hugging potentially on MY little girl just so moved me.

I'm so excited. God help me get through all this paperwork!


Pam said...

HI! I found you on Kristi's blog. ;) We are all blog stalkers on the Dillon forum. Ha-ha! I see that you are still way at the beginning. I have a son from Matri Sneha. We brought him home january 2007-nearly two years ago! We are now in the beginning stages of a domestic adoption. If you want to talk, you can email me at You can also find my blog at Happy paper chasing!!!
Momma to Micah through Dillon

ColleenC said...

Another Dillon Mom here, so great that they are taking app's again! We just accepted the referral of a baby girl and have two boys (5 and almost 2). If you're not on the Dillon forum, you should join!

- Colleen

Aimee said...

I'm so glad you found that encouragement today. Isn't it great how God does that, just when we need it?

I'm praying things go smoothly for you and in God's perfect timing, all the while giving you the encouragement and help you need.