Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Bratwurst Diet

yes, it's that time again around the jacob house... and no, it's not 'eat anything you want except bratwurst.' It's actually, (seemingly), the 'all-bratwurst, all the time' diet. :) (joke)

yes, i'm doing atkins again. the really difficult, really strict 2 week part that kicks the butt of your metabolism. (btw, if my metabolism had a butt, it would need to be kicked...)

so, no, i'm not realistically eating bratwurst all the time. it just feels like a meat-centric two days so far, at lease more meat centric than I normally eat. i just can't bring myself to eat salad for breakfast (give me a few days, though and the eggs will look less than appealing).

Bottom line: every time i've done this super strict, no sugar, no starches, no bread, very low carbohydrate diet, i DO lose weight. And, as long as i ease back into carbohydrates slowly, I actually keep losing, and/or maintain (depending on the amount of exercise and the strictness of my diet).

I refuse to be one of those people that gains it all back and yo-yo's in their weight. So, i'm trying to stay focused and goal-driven.

As of this morning, I've lost 2 more pounds. (which puts me actually 1 lb from my goal that i set last april!). I know I need to keep at it- and finish out the whole two weeks though, to tell my metabolism who's boss.

The positive, yet negative effect of all this: none of my clothes are going to fit. :) I should keep looking at it as a praise report instead of a prayer request though... i'm just praying when it's all said and done, that i'll wait for the 'size 6 clothes fairy' to visit me while i'm sleeping, and systematically change out my closet and remove all the big clothes and replace them with 6's and 8's. :)

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