Monday, April 16, 2007

Atkins again...

I started the induction phase of Atkins yesterday. I had halfheartedly started on Thursday but I knew I had a fondue night with some girlfriends on Saturday- so I waited to officially cut the carb cord on Sunday... I'm actually 2 lbs lower than I was last Wednesday! I'm trying to work out like a madwoman as well- so that I can kick this butt into gear. :)

Can I do it? That is the question... I set a goal of 15 lbs to lose by Sam's wedding on the 19th of May. I'm going to push myself and see what happens.

Maybe I'll post before/after pictures in a few months! wouldn't that be fun. If only some tv show would sponsor me and do the "Swan" stuff to me. :) Free Lasik and laser hair removal? :) ha!

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