Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ok- So I don't do this very often!

Ok. It's a Wednesday and I'm homebound. Both boys had fevers yesterday- so I'm here playing nurse until tonight when Steve gets home and I can flee the premisis...

Steve and I had a great discussion about our nation last night after watching the State of the Union Address. We're both ready for people to take responsibility for their own actions - and stop blaming or waiting on the government to fix life for them. If CEO's make too much- you need to buy stock in that company- and then contact the board and have the shareholders and board do something about it... not have the government regulate all businesses because you don't make what the CEO of that company makes...

I am hoping that there will be some sort of regulation of the health care industry though. I'm wondering if someday we'll be paying more for health insurance than we do for the mortgage! I sat at the eye doctor's office for 1.5 hours the other day while 2 different secretaries had to call and get put on hold regarding exactly which page of their 3 inch notebook they were supposed to refer to regarding my EXACT eye care coverage! And, after all that, they ended up guessing how much to charge me! Can't wait to wrestle with the insurance company over that later... Couldn't the insurance companies and the eye doctors save tons of time and money to just pick a price that is agreeable between them- and use it... they'd save a ton on labor and time.

It also irks me that there are people in our country who might blame the president (of all people!) on these types of issues. Do they not think that he has more important things to do?

Anyway- a little cabin-feverish today (if you can't tell)- and I'm ready to pick a fight with all the 'why me' americans. :)

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