Monday, January 24, 2011

Sympathetic Playgroup

I went to a Dillon playgroup here in T-town on Friday. Got to make a few new friends, and got to chat with Heather (Piyashi's mom), who also accepted a referral of a little boy back in May. :) It was definitely nice to sit and talk face to face with others who are in the same holding pattern that I am.

Thankfully, my life is nicely complicated and distracting during the wait. I've got kids to care for, a mess (I mean house) to clean up constantly, a new part time job working  at RIM while E's is in preschool (woot, woot!), A's diabetes to manage (there's a whole other blog post on that topic as well... how would you other type1parents do this situation: 71 bg at bedtime, 70% basal rate for 3 hours- then a 58 at 10:30... pump him up, re-check and he's only 78? Go to sleep and pray it's ok? Temp basal? Extra sugar, no temp basal? We ended up give him a little more juice and a 75% basal for 6 hours.... and he wakes up at 288! He's been trending falling 30 pts overnight- but Bleh!). Anyway- I digress...

This playgroup was wonderful to be surrounded by people who 'get it.' The ups and downs of this adoption process yet again stir my heart/emotions. Give it to God. Express tiredness with the wait. Wait. Be ok with the wait. Be angry about the wait. Give it to God. Ask God again to PLEASE bring the kid. Wait again. Watch a number of my friends get pregnant and have babies while I wait. Find out friends are newly pregnant and wonder if they'll have their babies before I do... Watch a few of my friends have 2 babies during my wait... (sigh*).

So, after the playgroup, I decide that I should not only be praying my daughter home- but specifically be praying that Heather can pick up her sweet little boy as well. I do that with most of the families I know who are in the process... but having a face-to-face conversation about how she got the referral in May and then the Indian gov't hit pause for everyone... and 8 months later she's still wondering what in the world is going on, and she still can't travel to go pick him up... I do believe that's worse torture than being 2 years 4 months, 4 weeks and 1 day into the process and not having a referral (but who's counting?).

As usual, putting on my 'patient mama hat' and doing my best to remember others' situations before His throne, trying to clean the house with more intentionality, and not to stress about stupid stuff. :) I'm also considering spending our extra cash on getting the boys into a homeopathic doc about the allergy stuff they're going through. who needs spare $ anyway, right? :) (Any opinions on that? Is it worth it?)

Well, thanks for reading my rabbit trail. Had a bit too much caffeine this morning, apparently. :)


Aimee said...

It's hard to find people who get you, especially when it's really specific. I'm so glad you found this playgroup! I'm sure they're blessed to have you with them!

Peter and Nancy said...

Wish I lived closer and could drop in on that playgroup! It's so agonizing to hear the number of months Heather has been waiting -- it's so much harder after you have a sweet little face to picture.

As for allergies, I have some experience there (with food allergies). I'd say just be cautious and use common sense . . . many of the substances used by homeopaths are entirely unregulated by the FDA, and there's no way to know what's actually in them, or what strength of a dose your child will receive. Read labels and research the companies who produce the products, as well as any regulations their state or country requires them to comply with.

The blood sugar spikes and unpredictability is so nerve-wracking. I will pray for answers for you!

Your patiently (!) waiting friend,

Sohailah said...

I was just wondering - are your "others" biological? I LOVE that you're working at RIM!!! How fun! Did you choose adoption to "give back" of sorts, or because you are unable to have more? Sorry if I'm too personal.

justme said...

I'm glad you seek and find support - it's so, so important.

On the side note, for us (assuming it was a fairly normal-active day), I'd have given a Capri Sun without bolus (and we use the 8 carb ones, not the 15s) and checked again after an hour-half to two, to most likely find a 120-140 which I'd have left alone (I'd have done a reduced correction if it was higher).