Monday, August 02, 2010

Fun deals and such

OK- no big cerebral or spiritual lessons for me to type about today, just some fun deals to share with my bloggie friends...

I did a big shopping trip online at CBD (Christian Book Distributors) and used a free shipping code: 313114TS (Free Shipping w/purchase of $35 or more. exp. 9/10/2010). I landed there because I was looking for decently priced kids worship dvds but ended up spending most of the $35 on other random fun clearance items... And, know that they have more than Christian Books on this site...

I wanted to list a few of the clearance items here, because they're so cute, fun and CHEAP! You should check them out: :)

#1 Favorite: Emeril's there's a chef in my world (Worldwide recipes for kids!)- $2.99. It has neat info for kids and lists different recipes from a lot of different countries... This sucker is also 210 pages long! So much in it!

#2 Favorite (for you adoptive moms of Indian kiddos): Cherry Tree by Ruskin Bond- $1.99 a cute short paperback story about a 6 year old Indian girl and her grandpa in the hills of India who plant a cherry seed. Ruskin Bond is an author who has lived in India for years and years and written many books on/about India. He lives in Mussoorie (the city in the foothills of the Himalayas where we lived). Kinda wish I'd taken the initiative and tried to meet him...

#3 Favorite: One Special Me: A book celebrating how God makes us special- $3.99 This is a really cute board book with flaps that lift and curly hair to touch, and things to spin, that tells a great story (with scripture at the end) about how we're all different, praises uniqueness and how it makes us special. Features kids of different skin tones, heights, kids with glasses, different colored eyes, etc.

#4 Favorite: The Spirit of Adoption: At home in God's family. $2.99 Haven't read it yet- but it looks to be an interesting read on the scriptural basis for adoption, and God as the adopter. :)

#5 Favorite: Let's go on a mommy date, by Karen Kingsbury. $2.99 This is a cute book about how mommy loves to be with and play with her kids. :)
#6 Favorite: Big Racing Car: GIANT board book $.50 (yes, .50!) This is a huge, colorful, board book and would be fun for a little dude to look at. :)
Anyway- they have so many fun things on clearance that it's easy to spend $35 so you don't have to pay shipping... I also bought a few worship DVDs for me, and one for the kids.
We also went on our 11th Anniversary date this weekend. We were able to go on a fancy dinner date! And, we're also celebrating God opening up the job for us by having a big BBQ at our house on Sunday. So, if you're within driving distance of Tulsa and want to come, let me know! :)


Aimee said...

WOW! I *love* finding great deals like that! Way to go!

Also, you look beautiful in your photo. Lovely. I hope you all had a great evening out.

Peter and Nancy said...

We have The Cherry Tree too -- Anya Rashi loves it! I'll have to check out the site. Since our locally-owned bookstore went out of business last summer, I don't mind buying online (especially if there are good deals!).