Monday, June 28, 2010

Biggest Loser Skunky Meatloaf

I was thinking today about the projects I had in mind for the summer. One of which was sewing some fun things- some to possibly sell to fundraise for the adoption. Well, it's nearly July and the table I got out to put the sewing stuff on is now covered in piles of unaddressed junk! Bleh! So, I've not taken on any sewing projects- and I've avoided most other productive things as well! I did start a tiling project in the bathroom that should be done in another day or two though... All comes down to motivation, I guess. I'm pretty much motivated to experience summer with the boys. And that's about it.

Well, my 3 year old just announced that he smells a skunk. I'll try not to take it personally, knowing that it means the attempt at a new meatloaf recipe is almost finished cooking. :( Let's just say that all of the meals I've tried cooking from this Biggest Loser Cookbook have not gone over very well with the fam. I guess that does generally lead to weight loss though, huh. If no one actually eats the dinner... :)

Gotta revert to humor when life is stuck in limbo. Apparently that is one of my coping mechanisms. :) Happy Monday bloggy friends!


Julie & Patrick said...

I can so relate. I've got a sewing project all ready to go....Sonalika's quilt made from our saved favorite articles of clothing, but I've promised myself not to start it until I finish the few OTHER projects that have stopped mid-way through. Well, those projects still sit...lack of motivation. All we want to do is play outside! To that I echo you BLEH!

It will come :)

Aimee said...

Hey, at least you're funny! I bomb big time. :-)

Enjoy your summer with your boys. Before you know it, A will be going back to school.

Peter and Nancy said...

Well, kids sure are honest, aren't they?? There are few "bombs" in my cooking history, too -- funny how it always seems to be the healthier recipes that have the worst track record! Don't worry about the projects -- there will be plenty of bad weather days later in the year. :o)