Monday, May 17, 2010

While I wait...

Well, I'm in limbo still. Waiting.

The good news is that in the midst of all of our upheaval, we're seeing God's blessing and provision in amazing ways. We were given a gigantic swing set by the neighbors; we received a tax credit that we didn't know for sure that we qualified for; we received another savings that will save us $800/month while we wait for group health insurance to kick in; we have friends (missionaries to Burkina Faso) staying with us who are blessing us with prayers, encouragement and quality time. All in all, it has been really encouraging.

On a funny note, I picked up my 6 year old from school and he promptly informed me that he broke up with Addie (his friend girl... :)). When I asked why, he said she lied. :( Something about a rolleypoley (never had to spell that before?). Ahh, young love. I said, 'you'll make up,' to which he replied, "yeah, maybe tomorrow."

So sweet.

Well, for now Steve is working in Edmond and driving 100 miles each way. We're thinking and praying about solutions in the short term while we figure out what the long term decisions will be. We did figure out that it costs us $32/day for gas and tolls. Bleh! Not to mention the 3 hours on the road every day. We're still on the adoption waiting list- but basically ineligible to receive a referral until we have something solid in place regarding job/living situation... and we don't have firm answers for those questions as of yet.


Julie & Patrick said...

I think I may have mentioned that we found ourselves in a similar predicament during our first adoption. It felt so frustrating that we had been waiting so long to get to the that point and then had to wait due to the failing job market. In the end, I see the reason why. Without that wait, we would have never been matched with Devi, who God knew was the right child to join our family. Isn't it amazing to know that this set back is preparing you to be aligned with that perfect mystery someone who will join yours?

Love the swing set too!
Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

I have thought of and prayed for you so often over the past few weeks. I love your Christ-focused attitude, and it's so great to see how God is providing for you right now. I will keep praying that the job solutions happen, and you are firmly planted so you can continue to move toward your next baby.


jasonliberty said...

I agree with Julie, all the waiting. . . . . it is for a reason! God is preparing a special little person for you :-) I am praying for you. Our God is so big and so great and he has a special plan for you! Isn't that awesome?


Alisha Gibb said...

Sarah, I have been praying for you and Steve. Your faith is strong. I saw the greatest quote the other day that I shared with another friend in a troubling time. "Faith is when one door closes and another opens. It's the dark hallways that scare us the most." I'm praying that the Light shines on your hallway and leads you to a door with amazing gifts behind it. Hugs to you old friend!

Alarie and Todd said...

It's nice to meet you too! We do understand as we went through a similar thing last year. It was God at work. We now realize that if we hadn't been unemployed we would not have qualified for the EIC that we did..therefore giving us the funds we needed to continue with the adoption. And I trust that the child we get is the one God intends for our family. She will be ready when she's God's time. However, it's almost impossible not to feel human and get tired of the wait. I am praying for you all.