Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The season of Lent- how I need to position my heart

Looking at the season of Lent this morning,
I'm making these songs my soundtrack for Lent. :)

I've been thinking and praying about what I can give up for Lent, as a symbol of my utter dependence upon God... and to get rid of some 'junk' in my life that is cluttering my heart and mind. So, Steve and I are both giving up TV, and I'm also going to not eat sweets. I'm already having heart palpitations about giving up TV... but I know it will be good for not only my spirit man, but also for many other areas of my life that often get neglected because of my propensity to de-stress nightly in front of something mindless/spiritless/fruitless...

I'm looking forward to awesome worship for our Ash Wednesday service with Darrell Evans at my church tonight, btw, if you want to come!:) Starts at 7:00. It has been years since I've celebrated Lent, and I'm really excited to be doing it with my new church that has such a beautiful spirit of freedom.

Like a Tree- Justin Rizzo
This is such a beautiful chorus to get on my face and sing to the Lord. Ahh, such depth is to be found in you, Lord.

Everything is Different by Shane and Shane

(Start it 2:40 into the video... they're just talking at the beginning)
Who am I to know Your glory
Who am I to recognize Your voice
Calling out

How could I be in Your story
God who was and is, and is to come
Who has won

I was dead in my sin
You came in, yeah

Chorus: You made a way when there was no way
You covered heaviness with garments of praise
You wrote a song and you're singing it over me
I feel a dead heart beating now
This revelation makes me want to shout
That Jesus has been sent
And everything is different
Oh yes it is

You turn ashes into beauty
You are for me not against me now
You found me somehow

You turned mourning into dancing
You turned weeping into joyful noise
Oh rejoice

I was dead in my sin
You came in, yeah


What matter of love
That You would call us sons and daughters
We call Abba Father
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah
I will never be the same


Peter and Nancy said...

As a family, we are giving up "convenience" food, like drive-through anything, pizza, or fast food. Not that we do it that much, but the idea of it is so appealing to our kids, that they thought it would be a good sacrifice. I'm stuck on other things to sacrifice, though . . . other years there's been something big and obvious, but nothing's leaping out at me this time.

Peter and Nancy said...

Hi Sarah --

On our sidebar, you'll find Karen's (#5 on the list) blog under "Jenya." She doesn't update very often anymore, but said she will when things start happening with their newest daughter. Not many of the others ahead of us have "outed" themselves on the Forum. I'm desperate for movement too. :o)