Monday, September 14, 2009

What a total God thing!

When we moved here we spent a good chunk of our adoption savings account on a beater car for Steve to drive to work (since he had a company truck with his job in Colorado)... so we got here, got settled in the house, bought a car, and felt like we were nearly back to $0! So, we set out a few months ago to have a garage sale to fund raise for our adoption expenses. (We've spent just over $12,000 so far, and have an estimated $12,000-$15,000 to go.)

Out of the kindness of some friends' hearts, they donated everything from furniture, clothing, toys, to a Christmas tree! We even received an amazing quantity of items through a friend of a friend who just moved overseas to serve as missionaries in Morocco! GOD bless you, AWM missionaries who donated all of the stuff you didn't move with you!!!

We craigslisted, we advertised in the paper, and we prayed feverishly for God to bless this effort and to bring people in! I was just amazed. All of our furniture was gone in the first 15 minutes. Some people bargained, but some people gave more than the asking price and told us to keep the change! We also had friends write checks for more than their purchase price! The forcast said rain all weekend- but it didn't start to sprinkle until 6 minutes before our pre-set closing time!

All in all, I was flabbergasted. God came through in such a beautiful and amazing way! I will confess that I would love for the process to be one where someone comes up and writes us a check for $15K... but God hasn't chosen to do that for us- so we'll scrimp and save, and be AMAZED at his faithfulness in strange ways (i.e. bringing hundreds of people out to our house to buy junk off of our driveway!). :)

So, in total we raised more than $1600! One of my FB friends commented, "Who has a $1600 garage sale???" To which I want to say- apparantly that's God's kind of garage sale... :) So, THANKS again to all of you who donated items, shopped and prayed!

I ended my weekend in a great way as well! Steve told me that he had heard Kari Jobe was going to be at Victory for a worship service on Sunday night- so I headed over there, worshipped my guts out and cried my eyes out. Great ending to a great weekend!

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Aimee said...

Sorry I'm just now catching this post and the amount. PRAISE GOD! I'm so happy for you, the sale and the worship.