Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Home with a sick baby...

Home with a sick baby today. Well, he's not a baby anymore, but he's my baby, right? He's almost 2! Can't believe it. So, I'm home, attempting to pick up the house, pay the bills and read my book for my finance group tonight.

I am a bit contemplative today. Reflecting on how blessed we are. Thinking about how much I cherish my family and my husband. Grateful for the warm/cozy house we live in, and a backyard where the kids can run around.

I'm working on settling in my heart what it means to have a child with Type 1 Diabetes. I'm (thankfully) moving out of the denial stage, and attempting to look forward. I don't want to look forward with fear and trepidation. I want to look forward with hope, with wisdom, and with purpose. I want our family to live intentionally. To give until it hurts. To love on people so that they have no doubt in their minds that they are appreciated, loved and cared for by our family. I want my kids to learn and live in a way that Jesus ALWAYS comes first. AND, that when you put Jesus first, he really does take care of everything else.

I'm doing my best to put Jesus in the '1st' spot, and the Diabetes in the 'everything else' spot. That's been a bit of a struggle the past few weeks.

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