Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Spirit of Adoption

I have been focused lately on the earthly thought of adoption and the corresponding thought about God's spirit of adoption...

In light of earthly adoption, I have been thinking a lot about it for the last month (a resurfacing of something that I've thought about off and on for the last 15 years or so...). But this instance is interesting to me, because I'm finally in the place that I've always considered 'the ideal time to adopt'... and it's really challenging me. It challenges me to trust God beyond my external circumstances (financial, preparedness, etc.), it challenges me now that I have two children-- to pray and believe that I can 'adopt' and love another child EXACTLY as my own.

God is such an inspiration in this... He took a scraggly bunch of people, gathered him under His wings, and brought us in, as His own, with unending Love, even when a lot of them didn't love him back... Can I do that?
no... not in my own strength or power at least.

So, I pray that God would begin to work this in me, this supernatural ability to 'adopt'- and prepare me to walk that path, in every way that I need to be ready.

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